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Paolini & Balzani
Via Primo Maggio, 26
60131 Ancona (AN) Italy
Tel. : +39 0712861553
Fax. : +39 0712866501

Company history

Professionalism, experience and passion: these are the key success factors for Paolini & Balzani, a company that has been in business for 50 years, providing technological systems for industrial, large-scale retail, tertiary, and residential buildings. As a partner, Paolini & Balzani is not only qualified, expert and efficient, but also able to provide high-tech solutions.

Founded in 1966, in its early years the company mainly occupied itself with installing electromechanical systems in the civilian sector. The eighties brought considerable and constant growth and consolidated organization and structure.

Then, in the early nineties the company broadened its scope to concentrate on the industrial, tertiary and large-scale retail sectors. In that same time period the company added its own technical office for systems design, a natural complement which would support the main activities. Paolini & Balzani then further expanded its activity by adding a new division in charge of the “intelligent management” of buildings; this is the area that deals with regulation and control systems designed to optimize all of the systems in order to maximize energy savings. The company gained a solid expertise in this activity thanks to the cooperation with TREND Control Systems Ltd, an Anglo-Saxon company and a European market leader in BMS, with Paolini & Balzani becoming part of an official partnership as they took on the role of Systems Integrator.

Today, management of the company has passed on to the second generation. The broad range of activities not only includes providing electromechanical systems for industry, hospitals, commercial business, the tertiary and large-scale retail, but also furnishing a variety of other systems, such as HVAC and air treatment, energy continuity, data transmission, telephone, Satellite TV, fire detection, anti-intrusion, security and automation. Paolini & Balzani is also specialized in turn-key systems for medium-to-large sized surface areas for commercial showrooms and buildings, having worked for some of the most famous Italian brand names in the clothing and accessories sector.

The design, the high competence in setting up the systems, the quality of the materials used, the constant research and development of new technologies and the on-time customer service are the keys to the company’s continuous growth; these are the factors which make it possible to offer dynamic, complete and efficient service for personalized quality solutions.

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