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Building Management System

Checking and managing the building to improve its energy efficiency is the first step towards sustainable development and environmental compatibility. Paolini & Balzani, a TREND System Integrator certified company, designs, develops, installs and provides on-site and remote service and maintenance for control and regulation systems. These are oriented towards energy savings for all sectors, whether industrial, commercial, health-care or high-tech services.

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Electrical systems

Ever since 1966 professionalism, experience and passion have always been Paolini & Balzani’s keys to success in creating technological systems for the industrial, hospital, commercial, tertiary and large-scale retail sectors. Design, efficient set-up, quality materials, new technologies, safety, and customer service are what can guarantee our clients dynamic, complete and efficient service for personalized quality solutions.

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Air-conditioning system

The technological excellence of direct expansion systems is utilized for HVAC, primary air treatment, air quality control and for hot water production for heating and for sanitation use. Paolini & Balzani uses this technology in a range of system types, all of which are compatible with solar and photovoltaic components for energy production.

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